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It is no secret that small rooms are most challenging to treat acoustically. Everyone hopes for the best results but realize that they have no choice but to "compromise" along the way. Conventional treatment requires thick absorbers to control low frequencies, but this deadens the room, and not to mention, takes up so much space that you're often left with an environment that is near-claustrophobic and feels unnatural to be in. 

But what if there is an Acoustic Design Technology, that can be employed in small rooms, completely tighten room modal resonances and provide full spectrum absorption, as well as retain the natural ambiance of a room, and further, allow one to customize the tonality and keep it spacious?

Not to mention, the breath-taking experience of Perfect Bass, every time?

That is exactly what PERFBASS does. 

This revolutionary Acoustic Design Technology allows you to take virtually any small room, and turn it to an acoustic environment of international caliber! And in an industry where measurements are closely guarded to be the spared the scrutiny and the critique they invite, PERFBASS lets its MEASUREMENTS speak for themselves!

The Gallery contains images of our measurements. Images that exemplify why a picture is worth a thousand words. But even with a T opt , D50 and C80 that are industry leading, they are still a far cry from what music sounds like in a PERFBASS Room.

Incredible Clarity. Phenomenal Sound-stage. It would feel as though the speakers have disappeared, and there is a band or an orchestra performing right there in your living room. Stereo Width and Vertical height will be perceived in music, with bass coming from below, mids in the centre and the highs from the heavens above! Regardless of whichever music system you use!

Further, this environment is pristine not just to listen in. You won't believe how good your recordings, mixes and masters will sound here. You will have incredible precision and surgical control over your recording and mix and mastering decisions. Your workflow will be faster, more creative, effortless and enjoyable, with far better results!

We could go on. But at the end of the day, every true lover of music knows that there is only one thing that matters above all else, be it Measurements, Reviews, or an About section that's quite hyping this up. Your ears.

Your ears. Your personal experience of sound in a PERFBASS room. Where you will hear the music you know and love in a whole different way. The way it was always meant to be enjoyed.

The PERFBASS Acoustic Design Technology


For the love of music.

Coming to your city, soon.

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