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What is PerfBass


PERFBASS is a novel PATENTED Acoustic Design Technology powerful enough to suppress modal resonances in SMALL ROOMS with FREE-STANDING Speakers (a low frequency acoustical nightmare) , and deliver near-flat acoustical response, while keeping the ROOM'S TONE NATURAL, and not feeling dead. 

The PerfBass System is a COMPLETE ACOUSTIC DESIGN employed in an empty room, and delivers the kind of remarkable results you see in the REW Data page (Room 1 and Room 2). The PerfBass System effectively offers you a novel solution to a timeless problem: How to get a Breath-taking Listening Experience of leading acoustical standards, in rooms much smaller than the minimum recommended size. 

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Whatis PerfBass
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The PerfBass ADVANCED System

What is path-breaking about it?

The PerfBass Acoustic Design System is a one-of-a-kind PATENTED system that can deliver Flat Room Response in Small rooms with Free-Standing Monitors.

The PerfBass Acoustic Design System does not require preferred/ideal room-ratios or minimum-room-size for extraordinary acoustic results. Even smaller rooms of sub-optimal room-ratios with irregularities in shape can be remedied to acoustic excellence with the PerfBass System, including the dreaded CUBE-shaped room.

Quasi-Anechoic environments with ultra-low RT60 and incredibly high Clarity is achieved. (REW Data HERE)

Heavy modal and SBIR suppression is achieved. Full Spectrum Absorption is delivered while keeping the environment feeling NATURAL and not "dead" or "dry".

The PerfBass System allows for high-fidelity, critical listening, control room, and multi-utility environments to be employed with LESSER REAL ESTATE requirements, while losing less floor-space to treatment and creating more habitable space within the room.

Boundless Soundstage, and Massive Stereo Width, Depth and Height is achieved.

The PerfBass Advanced System delivers an Acoustic Environment where one can experience SURROUND SOUND using only Stereo Speakers. Music can be perceived to be coming from the sides, above, below, and even BEHIND you, using only a Stereo System (our Advanced

Experience Center (image to the left) has 2 tops and 1 sub)

Q1 Whats path-breaking

Does PerfBass use EQ, or DSP?

No. The PerfBass Acoustic Design System is completely Passive Absorption based. No Equalization, Electronics, Active Speaker Cancellation, DSP or any other component that runs on electricity has been used to deliver the measurement results provided.

The PerfBass CORE System
Q2 EQ?
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What about my room?

What kind of room sizes can PerfBass be employed in?

While the PerfBass Acoustic Design System has primarily been designed for rooms between 45 cu,m to 75 cu,m, it can be employed in rooms smaller or larger (30 - 90 cu,m : case-specific). As other factors also determine feasibility of the PerfBass System for being employed in your room, write to us here with your room's specs to know more.

Does the room-ratios affect the feasibility of employing the PerfBass System?

While ideal/optimal room-ratios do have benefits, the PerfBass Acoustic Design System can deliver heavy Modal suppression while keeping the acoustic environment feeling natural even in sub-optimal room-ratios and the dreaded CUBE. Write to us here with your room's specs to know more about feasibility of employing the PerfBass System in your room.

Do irregularities in room shape inhibit feasibility of employing the PerfBass System?

The REW Data of Room 2 shows an illustration of room's irregularities in its shape, despite which, the PerfBass System was able to be employed to deliver the results achieved. Notwithstanding, as "irregularities in room shape" can be subjective, we recommend writing to us here to know more about PerfBass in irregular rooms.

Q3 what rooms

Does PerfBass have Demo Rooms?

Yes. The first PerfBass Demo Rooms are now live and operational as multi-utility environments (recording, mix-mastering, and audiophile listening). At this time, access to them is via invitation or by application only. 

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Q4 Demo rooms?

All Products specifications, illustrations, drawings, images, particulars, dimensions, performance data, and other information on our Site or made available by us are intended to represent no more than a general illustration of Products and their features and do not constitute a warranty or representation by us that Products will conform with the same and are complying with the local regulations/laws. Products may vary from these images or specifications depending on the individual regulatory and design requirements which may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

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