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Blue-lit with Chair in center PerfBass Core Environment and Acoustic Design System for Recording Studios, Home Theaters and Audiophiles.

PERFBASS Technology

It achieves the much-desired but elusive trifecta of Applied Acoustics.

1. Flat room response with minimal Modal resonance.


2. The room tone is natural, with no "dryness" or "deadness".

3. Designed especially for Free-Standing Monitors in Small rooms (<70 m3  or <2,500 ft3)

Advantages of the
PerfBass Acoustic Design System

Flat Room Response in Small Rooms with Free-Standing Speakers 
Quasi-Anechoic environments with Ultra Low RT60 times and incredibly high Clarity is achieved.

Boundless Soundstage, and Massive Stereo Width, Depth and Height is experienced.

Multi-Utility Environments (Production Suite, Recording Studio, Control Room, Critical Listening Room - all in the same room) are enabled by the PerfBass Acoustic Design System 

Does not need ideal/preferred room-ratios. PerfBass can be deployed even in rooms of sub-optimal size with shape irregularities, even the dreaded CUBE.
Lesser REAL-ESTATE required, less floor space lost to acoustic treatment, and more habitable floor area within the room.
Heavy modal suppression and SBIR attenuation is delivered.

The PerfBass Advanced System delivers SURROUND SOUND using only Stereo Speakers. Music can be experienced from the sides, above, below, and even BEHIND the listener, while using only a Stereo System

The parts of the PerfBass Acoustic Design System - Outer Shell, Absorbtive Cortexes and Room-Renaturalization System, Patent pending

Patent Pending

PerfBass Absorptive Cortex information and logo, Quasi Anechoic environment created. Patent pending

Patent Pending

PerfBass Room Renaturalization System with information and logo, natural sound created , more than 200 psychoacoustic location cues. Patent pending

Patent Pending

PerfBass Room Renaturalization System, patent pending

Patent Pending

impulse response measurement data of Quasi Anechoic Environment created by PerBass, containing data of Ultra Low RT 60 and high Clarity C80 achieved.

 63.5 m3 Empty room : T Opt of 3.798 seconds , D50 of 55.7%, C50 of 0.99 dB, and C80 of 2.45 dB

Spectrogram measurement data of 63.5 m3 room when empty, before PerfBass Acoustic Design, very resonant, prolematic modes

Same Room with PerfBass : T opt of 97 milliseconds, D50 of 100%, C50 of 44.46 dB, and C80 of 46.95 dB

Spectrogram measurement data of 63.5 m3 room after PerfBass Acosutic Design. tight low end, modes controlled

Experience Music and Sound, like never before.

Breath-taking Clarity

Boundless Soundstage. Music will seem to be coming from behind the monitors, as if out of the walls.

Incredibly Clean Bass that will feel like it is coming from below

Massive Stereo-Image with Panoramic Width and Height

Waterfall Graph : Before and After PERFBASS Technology

Measurement Waterfall Graph of 63.5 m3 room before and after PerfBass Acoustic Design, tight low end, good modal control


and is two-fold in its innovative ability.

PERFBASS enables powerful Full Spectrum Absorption.

PERFBASS also counters the conventional "deadness" created by such effective Absorption, and enables customization of the room's tone, from natural to live to selectively diffused.

Frequency Response : Before and After PERFBASS Technology
Frequency response measurement of 63.5 cubic meter room before and After PerfBass Acoustics

The image below shows the remarkable consistency of the Speaker's Response (Right Monitor + Subwoofer) in the same PERFBASS room, across 8 mic positions spanning 4.67 feet. Notice the consistency, particularly above 80 Hz.

Consistency of Speaker Response (R + S) across 8 mic positions in the PERFBASS room
PERFBASS - Consistency of Speaker Response across 8 mic positions

The Impulse Response with data on the 'Before' and 'After' measurement.

PERFBASS has reduced the T Opt to less than 2.6% of the initial.

Impulse Response - 60 dB, 250ms showing floor reflection and data.

Impulse response measurement of 63.5 cubic meter room with data on Clarity C80 and RT 60

All Products specifications, illustrations, drawings, images, particulars, dimensions, performance data, and other information on our Site or made available by us are intended to represent no more than a general illustration of Products and their features and do not constitute a warranty or representation by us that Products will conform with the same and are complying with the local regulations/laws. Products may vary from these images or specifications depending on the individual regulatory and design requirements which may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

The images used herein are the saved images from “Room EQ Wizard” software, an open source tool. The images are only used for education, testing and training purposes and are used in a way by the user within the bounds of the software “Room EQ Wizard”. The user does not intend to claim or own the copyrights on the images produced using the said software.

PERFBASS logo cube with word perbass below

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